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My Story on How I conquered the battle of English.
My Story on How I conquered the battle of English.

My story on how I conquered the battle of English.

I have had a tough time to put myself in between the race of English language, where everyone else were so fluent in speaking English but i was clueless. Though i have scored good marks in the subject-English but that doesn’t mean i am good in communicating the same. Till now ,I still hesitate, i even make mistake out of my fear while speaking but i have almost conquered my fear. I still remember my first day of college, a beautiful lady came, greeting everyone in the class with a big and a pretty smile. Since i was admitted late to the college so i had no friend. As she started asking about what they all have done in the yesterday’s​ class and how everyone started answering to the same and yet again i was clueless.The way my teacher was communicating to us, made me think about everything, Everything means everything except for my subject. Who am i? What am i doing here? Is she really speaking English or some other language? How i passed my English exam? Oh god! She is way too good in English obviously she is my teacher and she will be good at everything but i am useless and tada, the lecture is now over! All I learnt from her first lecture was i really need to improve my English.
Just talking in English won’t be going to help in anyway, to improve skills one should improve vocabulary too. I started talking in English and my friend, sameer helped me a lot to overcome my fear wait? I am still scared to talk freely but at least i am not as same as i was on my first day.
Here are some strategies i have used in my real life that helped me so far.
Before enhancing vocabulary the first thing to do is to overcome​ fear ( if you have any) to talk freely  without hesitating. Even if you realize you have made mistake while talking ignore it like you don’t care but ignore it for that time only and make sure there won’t be anything like before to ignore it again.
Once you will start talking normally, the next thing to do is to make your communication more good by using good vocabulary.
Not everyone is good at memorizing things. Few are those who are bad at memorizing and unfortunately i am the one among those few. I don’t want to talk about me again but i am the worst at memorizing, i talk with someone and then suddenly i forget the thing i was talking about.
While talking or writing i started to search more suitable word.
I told my friend to talk with me in English and only English and also to use as difficult words as he can.
I started singing songs though i have the worst voice.
I started writing poems or article for which i tried searching many different words to use in my poem or article and to make it more good. But as usual i am also bad at writing.
I played memorizing games, also there are some games available in the dictionary named Merriam Webster.
Not everyone is lucky to get a good environment, also a good environment is needed.
Noting down every new word and trying to use it in daily life.
Never fear of mistakes, you learn only after making mistakes. Success is a sum of mistakes you have made in your life.
There are many more strategies, which are useless if your are not prepared mentally and physically to deal with difficulties. These strategies are to be kept in mind but not forcefully as mind should be connected with heart  in other way make things interesting.

So this was my story, a strange story 🙂


My Story on How I conquered the battle of English.
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My Story on How I conquered the battle of English.
My Story on How I conquered the battle of English.


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