How to score good in exams?

How to score good in exams?
How to score good in exams?



Without considering your level in studies, whether you are in V or in XII – Hard Work is needed everywhere, also the competition is present everywhere. Between all these things there are those students who totally have lose their inner power and concentration, they left over their power in the competition of scoring good, But don’t worry- It is never too late to start.



  1. Stop worrying and start playing with your mind
  2. Take out a notebook and write all your syllabus and mark all those topics you have done or completed.
  3. If you make notes, things will get easy for you to some extent.
    ( if you are not, please make a habit of writing everything a teacher explains in the class)
  4. Now, make a schedule and take out your time in which you can study peacefully
  5. Don’t mess things, take it easy, complete every topic with making your own notes. Refer different books, google and teacher.


So let’s learn “How to score good in exams?”

  1. Consider what type of exam you have? Practical or theory.
    -Practical exams require more of written practice, the more written practice you have the more confidence you will have
    -Theory type exams are  very easy and scoring.
  2. Till this point, you should complete all your necessary topics because i can’t tell you what to learn and how but yes i will tell you how to apply all your knowledge in an exam
  3. Score Good
    a) Keep focus on your presentation, not handwriting but on how you present your answer
    b) Try to keep your answer sheet neat
    c) Give heading to your every answer, this will make things easy for your teacher
    d) Follow the question number- Try to answer all your question series wise
    e) Never miss to identify your answer with its question number
    f) Try to answer 5 very short answer every page, 3 short answer every page, 1 long answer every page.
    g) Do not miss any question if you don’t even know the exact answer, try to understand that question and write whatever you have understood.


I hope you have got your answer to the question “How to score good in exams?”

So these are the very easy and simple way to score good, no other technique is needed.


How to score good in exams?
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How to score good in exams?
This is an article on how to score good in exams? Some minor points are mentioned that people forget while focusing on major points. check this out
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