Birthday gift ideas for a girl

Birthday gift ideas
Birthday gift ideas

So are you stuck with the thought, what to gift as a birthday present to a girl, that comes under your budget?


All these are my ideas for birthday gifts, you can get your idea too, you will learn this through the article so don’t miss out.


Let’s get Started and see birthday gift ideas.



  • A neck piece – A junk jewellery. Yes, you got me right. This is very trending and also girls are crazy over it.
    You can get it from Janpath (connaught place) at a very low price
  • Earrings – A junk jewellery. If not a neck piece, an earring is a very good idea, girls can go out without a neck piece but not earrings
    You can get it from Janpath (connaught place) at a very low price
  • A hand bag- sling bag. And this is something very cool, a stylish carry bag. She will carry your gifted bag everyday, you will be remembered everyday ( Thoda cheesy ho gaya na?)
    You can get it from kamla nagar market (near Delhi University) at a very low price
  • A perfume. This idea is very sober, she will love it.
    And if you are planning for a perfume, drop me a mail i will suggest you with good perfumes.
    Raindrops  is my favourite ( It costs 1300 INR)
  • A cake. Yes a cake, confused? Don’t be, as if she is foodie she would love this. Let her eat a giant cake alone.
  • A kurti. A guy gifting a kurti to a girl looks beautiful, or you may say a traditional way to express your love to a friend or a girlfriend.
    Get it from kamla nagar market.


I hope you have got birthday gift ideas.

Lastly, these are my ideas you can create your own. Just think about all those things you imagine and can make you happy and start making the list.

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