About Fusion Of Feelings

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This is my first ever start up of website, so basically I am a fresher.

My main motive is to put everything together - A fusion.

My mind is a jungle of everything, I think of everything all at once, so I am doing the same to my website.

Everything here is original, if anything is copied, credit is always there.

I want each and every one to come forward and give your work a platform, I will post your work as well, We are family.

Lots of love.

About me

usins are childhood playmateswho become lifetime friends.

When you don't let the dullness to enter your sparkling life, is the moment you find yourself ~ Anju Sharma.

For me, the world's toughest thing is to tell someone about myself. I cannot tell you, but I can let you feel what I feel. You get me, right

So lets start. I am a literature student, who is trying hard to get fit into the box of society, but wait? Why am I trying to get myself caught in that box when I can come out of it and fly? This is just a start where I am keeping my strength, weakness, happiness, sadness all together and framing them with words.